Reegy Ecosystem

Reegy is by your side to take climate action at every step of the way.

Climate action in minutes

Reegy Eco Mode

Reduce energy consumption by your users & customers by putting our Eco Mode on your site

  • Up to 10-30% kWh & CO2 savings per click
  • Setup in minutes & no coding required
  • Show your users you care about the planet
  • Bandwidth savings & faster load speeds
Use our Eco Mode
Thank you for saving web energy!

Reegy Energy Tracking

Track emissions & consumption of all your operations

  • Automatically track CO2, kWh & H2O.
  • Integrations for all your digital processes
  • Data driven & science based
Track your emissions
Reegy App dashboard

Offset with ease

  • Offset automatically or manually
  • GHG certified
  • Support projects of your choice
  • Make an impact!
Offset now!

Inspire others

Show off your commitment with the Eco Badge and with an entry in our sustainable companies register!

Inspire your customers and employees to join the cause to protect the environment.

Track your emissions