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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every company in the world to lower its carbon footprint and take climate action in their own hands.

Quick Facts

We’re all about making difficult things simple

Our goal is to make stuff simple because let’s be honest…lowering emissions and achieving higher ESG scores is not “easy”.

If you have any question, we will always try to explain them in the simplest way possible!

Our Vision

Help reduce global carbon emissions by 1% and have another 1% under management.

We love our Work

Oh, and we’re hiring!

A word from our CEO

They say some do it for money, some do it for fame, and others do it to do good. While this can be said about many things, when it comes to protecting our planet and environment, we don’t judge!

This is the great thing about a platform like Reegy. You can do good while increasing your revenues! Both the planet and your customers will love that you take action and I salute you for that! After all, that’s exactly how Reegy came to be:

We built our product from the feedback of clients who wanted to lower their environmental footprint but had neither the means nor the experience on how to do so without impacting their daily business. I am proud to say our platform can be used by anyone from CEO to intern without the need for a data science degree.

But we don’t just stop there. Our models and products lead to actual, significant emission reductions. Or as we like to say: Reporting emissions is cool, but have you tried reducing them, yet?

I thank you for visiting our site and checking out what we have to offer for organizations of all sizes. If you have any question whatsoever, message our sales team or send me an email directly (you can find that below under the team photos)!

Talk soon!

Julius Launhardt
Founder & CEO, March 2024

Our super cool team

The ones who make it happen

Julius Launhardt Reegy CEO

Julius Launhardt

Founder & CEO

Anke Gericke Reegy

Anke Gericke

Sales & Customer Support

Jared Duggan

Environmental Engineer