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The Reegy Ecosystem

Reegy is by your side at every step of the way to take meaningful climate action.


Know exactly when, where, why, and how your company emits carbon and consumes energy


Carbon Intelligence Platform

Our integrated carbon intelligence platform gives you a full understanding of your corporate carbon footprint.


Automatic Carbon Accounting & Tracking

No need for spreadsheets and manual accounting. Our platform does the heavy lifting for you so you can make an impact.

Value Chain Management

Connect to your suppliers and get deep insights into your scope 3 emissions. Decarbonize your supply chain and make an impact!



Reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, water waste and land use.

Automated Climate Action

Custom decarbonization strategies based on your business and your data. Automatically generated and applicable to your company.

Fleet Management Supplier Suggestion Scope 3 notification Replace 17 vehicles running on diesel with electric . A new low-emission supplier is available in your network. We detected a significant scope 3 emission increase ! Scopes 4.37% 2.03% €731,495 CO2 CO2 Cost: Cost: Analytics Analytics Dismiss Start View View Cat 1 Upstream Goods & Services Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

Set Science-Based Targets

Set goals and analyse their impact on your business and the environment.

2017 Base Year Net GHG Emissions MtCO2 2023 2024 2025 2026 Business as usual Paris 1.5°C Goal Your Target 2027 2028

Reegy Eco Mode®

Let users put your website into Eco Mode to save energy. It's also a great way of showing off your commitment to climate action!

Reduce browser load Communicate your commitment up to 30% energy savings Connect your Green Marketing campaigns Thank you for saving web energy


Remove carbon by funding offset projects and invest in the future of our planet

Offsets that make a difference

Fund meaningful climate action with our offset marketplace and get to Net Zero. We only work with the highest-grade providers and programs to ensure you get he gold standard of carbon credits.

Carbon Removals Energy Efficiency Invest in the planting of trees to remove atmospheric carbon. Generate both electricity and heat from the same power source. Invest in the planting of trees to remove atmospheric carbon. Invest in the planting of trees to remove atmospheric carbon. Invest in reef and ocean protection. Invest in reef and ocean protection. Explore Explore Explore Explore Explore Explore Soil Management Fuel Efficiency Soil Management Cogeneration Ocean Buildings

Your custom portfolio


Automated carbon accounting. Fast. Error-Free. Exceeding regulatory standards.

Don't just meet the requirements. Exceed them.

Investor-grade environmental reports on the click of a button and according to the strictest frameworks on the market.

No matter what industry you are in, we support your use-case. And if you need assistance, our carbon accounting experts are there to help!

Published Reports Upcoming Reporting Deadlines 23 3 10 5 1 Nov 15 Q4 Stakeholder Conference ESG Report XA Corp. Intern Edit Report Edit Report Dec 07

Available reporting frameworks


Publish them your way

Publish your reports as documents, your website or on a hosted landing page by Reegy.

Visibility and access permissions make sure they are only accessible to those you select.

Public Report Views Jan Apr Jul Oct Jan 137%

Real-time updates

With our auto-update option, there is no need to republish existing reports over and over. Any real-time changes in your carbon data will be reflected in your public reports.

Base year recalculations, M&As, or changes in emission factors? We got you.


Communicate your goals and climate action with those who matter. Your customers, investors, and within your organization.