All-In-One Climate Platform ESG Excellence in days not months

Automate your sustainability management, carbon accounting and ESG reporting for best-in-class results without the hassle!

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Why businesses choose Reegy as the only Climate Platform they ever need

Because our platform is built to be your digital Chief Sustainability Officer that works 24/7 so you don't have to! Save time spent on spreadsheets and consultancy fees and achieve 100% transparent ESG scores.


Less time spent on managing carbon accounting and sustainability reporting


Cost saved on external ESG consultants and data collection processes


Transparency in disclosing climate data, reporting ESG metrics and improving customer relations

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Net Zero on autopilot

All-in-one Sustainability Automation Platform

  • Measure

    Detailed insights into your corporate carbon footprint in days, not months.

  • Report

    Carbon reporting & disclosure that exceeds regulatory requirements.

  • Act

    Reduce your climate impact and become a green company.

  • Inspire

    Effectively communicate your climate action and increase brand loyalty.


Net Zero on Autopilot

GHG accounting & disclosure

Account for and disclose your carbon footprint and climate impact using regulatory-grade frameworks.

Green Marketing

Communicate your climate action and pledges to customers and investors on the click of a button.


Carbon intelligence platform

Our integrated carbon intelligence platform gives you a full understanding of your corporate carbon footprint.

Automated Climate Action

Get custom decarbonization strategies based on your business and your data and automate your carbon offsetting.


Automate your climate action. Manage it in one place.

Every step of your corporate sustainability management in one central platform. From spreadsheets to ERP, we integrate it!

Built on your data

Create an award-winning Corporate ESG program

Outperform your competition, drive sales, and attract new talent more efficiently on a fully integrated platform.

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Master your footprint

Know exactly where, how, why, and how much your company emits at any moment.

  • 100%

    Complete overview of your carbon footprint

  • 80%

    Faster than traditional carbon accounting tools

Exceed the highest standards

Create automatic reports and disclosures using the most widely used and recognized accounting standards.

Ditch the consulting fees

Ditch external ESG consulting and keep your sustainability in-house with our easy-to-use fully-automated carbon accounting & intelligence platform.

  • No prior knowledge required

    Teams can start using our software without any ESG training or experience.

  • Any company size

  • World-class support available

Lower your emissions
Increase Brand loyalty

One-click green marketing communication from your data. Ready-made templates for:

  • Customers
  • Investors
  • Employees
  • Activists
  • ...
Turn leads into brand ambassadors!

Selco Traffic Control is committed to sustainability in our community, and with that in mind, we greatly appreciate the carbon footprint management solutions offered by Reegy. This is something our industry is lacking in, and we see great potential to get ahead of our industry with Reegy.

Austin Wolff
VP of Bidding at Selco Inc

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