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With Reegy you can automatically track, reduce and offset your carbon footprint and effortlessly help save the environment!

the problem We consume CO2 on
every click


TWh of elecricity consumed by the global internet usage in 2021


Percent of consumers would pay up 58% more for products branded as sustainable


Percentage of consumers who will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues

Become carbon-neutral
on autopilot

We lead by example

We could have...

  • Choosen a light, cheerful color theme
  • Used animations to make the site stand out
  • Saved money by using cheap hosting

...That's not us

  • Dark mode saves up to 63% in electricity
  • There would be 3x as much data transfer
  • We run on 100% renewable energy

track your emissions Automatic Tracking

reduce your consumption Reegy Eco Mode®

offset your carbon footprint Automatic Offsetting

Become carbon neutral today

Ditch manual carbon footprint managegement and start offsetting automatically with us

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features How we can help you
make an impact

Automatic CO2 tracking
Automatic Carbon offsetting
Ecommerce Integration
Reegy Eco Mode
Automatic kWh tracking
No-code solutions
Tons of integrations
Accredited & Certified
Automatic kWh tracking
Up to 30% lower carbon footprint
All-in-one solution
Different climate ratings
PR & Marketing materials
H2O consumption tracking
Bot crawling optimization
Competitor Analysis
Extendible API
Offset online sales
Visual emissions map
Climate impact analysis

Integrated into anything We work well with
the tools you love

free guide 88% more brand loyalty
58% more revenue

How an energy efficient website can increase brand loyalty and revenue!

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